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Please help out if you can (update!!)

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 4, 2017, 12:58 PM
Being a Little Shit

CSS Skin

- EDIT -
I legit bought the wireless hookup not even a month ago and my tablet is broken now
SO,, now im saving up to buy a new art tablet!
Unless my father decides to pay me any of the 200$ he owes me,, which I doubt,, I have 0$ saved rn
The only way my parents would help me with this is to pay me what they owe me and uh ^^ not likely
I really need digital art my emotional state is tied to it (weird as that sounds)

Literally any way of help is appreciated.

even just sharing this.

- Okay so I decided to put all the smaller journals into one, here it is -

I honestly cant go into detail about it in a journal but I'm happy to respond to notes or messages on discord (Fish #2897)
Basically I'm 16 therefore I have no job and I need money for clothes and food.

- Ways to Help Out -

Share this journal!
You don't have to give me anything to help, sharing this helps me enough ;;

If you'd like to just donate to me
(that would be so nice of you omg)

Pledge to my patreon!

Buy me a coffee on ko-fi!
Buy Me a Coffee at

Commission Me!
Commissions Open! Points and/or Cash!

Or buy a custom from me, theyre cheaper than commissions and I have quite a few options!
Customs!! Read For More (other offers!)
Death Fish (Mermaid) Customs OPEN

You can also totally just buy an adopt from me!
//They're pretty cheap and have both points and paypal options\\
--> MiniCupKitten <-- 
Its a joint account but any made by me say so in the description ;0
Antenette Adopt CLOSED OTA by MiniCupKitten Brown Diamond Adopt (CLOSED OTA) by MiniCupKitten Jasper Adopt (OPEN | OTA) by MiniCupKitten Adopt (OPEN OTA) by MiniCupKitten
Adopt Batch (2/2 OPEN OTA) by MiniCupKitten Halloween Adopts (2/3 OPEN OTA) by MiniCupKitten Adopt Batch! (1/3 OPEN OTA) by MiniCupKitten Misc Adopt Batch (1/2 OPEN OTA) by MiniCupKitten

!There are more than just these!

Mama Fish

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December 4, 2017


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